Progress steps here!

Something I’m working on right nowYou can see where I’m going with this :)

I thought I’d try out another dude drawing. Sorry for the potato phone quality (see post below). Again, I need a scanner. The challenge here was actually in drawing the smoke, which I still think I got wrong. The hand was fun to draw—that’s actually what I started trying to learn when I first picked my art supplies up again this year. I can see a few mistakes I made here and there, but most of those I’m hoping are just from being so used to drawing feminine features and hiding skull shape beneath hair.
The user is ms6lunchbox, and he wanted a picture of his beard before he had to shave it off for a new job. As a fellow beardo, I sympathize entirely.

Quick sketch for this thread. The photo isn’t very good (iPhone), but I’m working on that. 

Portrait of /u/The_Claudhry, pencil on paper

doodlin’ ; reference: /r/redditgetsdrawn

ChaseMadison from RedditGetsDrawn as good ol’ Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

doodlin’ ; reference: /r/redditgetsdrawn